March, 1

President of Ukraine has underwent surgery in a Feofania clinic (Kyiv). According to a source in the parliament, Viktor Yanukovych had an operation on his right knee, which was injured during playing tennis. The President will not hold any meetings in the coming days.

Фото: segodnya.ua

The Prosecutor General’s Office has allowed Yulia Tymoshenko to visit her mother. An investigator has granted Tymoshenko's request to leave for Dnipropetrovsk during the holidays to celebrate International Women's Day. As reported, the opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko was banned previously from leaving Kyiv as she is under the criminal investigation.

The National Emblem of Ukraine is the intellectual property of two private persons - to foreigners. According to MP Gennadiy Moskal, Emblem’s image on the car number plates belongs to a polish peasant. Another Emblem’s image on the Ukrainian citizen’s passport is the property of Swiss man. Moskal did not specify whether holders are receiving compensation for images usage.

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