February, 21

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovuch supported the establishment of the Constitutional Assembly to prepare amendmends to the Constitution. New wording of the Ukrainian Constitution could be considered by parliament after the elections in 2012. The initiative belongs to the first ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk (1991-1994), who said the next step after the consideration of the draft constitution by the Verkhovna Rada would be a nationwide referendum.

The pre-trial investigation into a criminal case on abuse of power against former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is completed. Two criminal cases against Tymoshenko were merged into one (as it was done with Yurii Lutsenko’s criminal cases too). The investigator presented the final charges: Tymoshenko is accused of abuse of power as well as the violation of the legislation on budget.

The riots in Libya could have a negative impact on ukrainian grain export, reported the investment company Dragon Capital. Export of maize from Ukraine to Libya amounted to 4% of the total exported during last four months. Export of Barley had amounted to 6% since July 2011.

Political crisis in Libya will not affect the metallurgical engineering as Ukraine had exported only 0,3% of the total of ukrainian production.

According to director of scientific programs of the Center for Army Conversion and Disarmament Sergei Zgurets, unstable situation in Africa will increase the demand for Ukrainian weaponry.

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