March, 14

Ukraine remains in top-ten states, which exports weapon, chief editor Defense Express magazine Sergiy Zgurets said. The data, published by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, could not be true, as it is approximate and Ukraine has not yet published any statistic about export in 2010. Zgurets said it could be nearly USD 2 billion. Previously SIPRI has reported Ukraine is not one of the largest weapon exporter anymore.

One of the biggest Ukrainian newspaper is going on strike. Journalists are complaining on “rigid pressure”. The newspaper has not gone to print in last two days because it has “serious problems with financing”. The source in the newspaper’s office said the owners forbid journalists to cover some topics.

Ukraine sould not keep solidarity to European Union in all the questions, chief of Foreign Affairs Ministry’s information department Oleg Voloshyn said. As Ukraine is not a candidat for membership, it could have own particular features in partnership with Belarus. “We believe any isolation of Belarus is counterproductive”, said Voloshyn.

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