March, 2

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has returned to work after scheduled surgery on his right knee. Rehabilitation will take three weeks, but President has started to his duties. The surgery lasted less than one hour, presidential press service reported.

European Court of Human Rights has adopted in the production a complaint from ukrainian former Justice Deputy Minister Eugene Korniychuk. The arrested ex-official asks the Court to prove the illegitimacy of his detention and arrest and also his right to defend himself. As reported, Korniychuk was taken into custody on December the 30th, and was released on house arrest on February the 15th.

Price of gas for ukrainian households will increase be 30%, and utilities tariffs - by 62%. This is planned in a memorandum, which Ukraine has agreed with the International Monetary Fund. Prices increase will take place in two stages. New tariffs will depend on living space. Previously Ukraine has promised the IMF to raise gas prices by 50% in April 2011.

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