February, 23

100 citizens of Ukraine are successfully evacuated from Libya. Ministry of Defense’s aircraft flew from Tripoli to Kiev at 20:40 Kyiv time.

Flight departure was supposed at 13 PM, but was delayed, the reasons for the delay were not made public. More than 2.5 thousand Ukrainians remain now in Libya.

The party Batkivschyna has replaced the head of the Kyiv city organization. New appointed head is Yuriy Odarchenko. He has released from duty Anatoliy Semynoga, who had been expelled from the parliamentary faction Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc. Semynoga previously voted for the amendments to the Constitution, which were proposed by the Viktor Yanukovych’s party.

There will be no more marks at physical education classes in ukrainian schools. Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Dmitro Tabachnyk said the marks do not matter, it is important to children to be on the move outdoors. The number of physical education’s hours will increase in elementary school. As reported, previously children died repeatedly during physical education classes.

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