February, 28

Ukrainians are carrying their money into banks after a long break, writes Alexandra Vasilieva in article "Deposits: the second step on the same rake".

During a crisis, investors began to withdraw their deposits, so many banks have blocked the premature withdrawal of deposits. As a result, citizens' confidence in financial institutions were undermined for a long time. However, the bankers have convinced citizens now.

Chairman of the Supreme Court of Ukraine Vasyl Onopenko knows nothing about some of judges are preparing to express a non-confidence vote. "I hear this thought from the journalists only...", - Onopenko said. He explained there is need of 10 judges’ signatures to call the plenum. "I have not seen any sign, any document", - said the judge.

Most Ukrainians (74,6%) consider that the health care system in Ukraine is bribable. These are the results of a telephone survey conducted by the Gorshenin Institute. Only one in five respondents (20.2%) believes there is no corruption in medicine at all. Most citizens of Ukraine (68,6%) had paid the doctor in hospitals during the last year. Every fourth Ukrainian (24.2%) would prefer to pay cash for medical services, one in ten (10,3%) - in cash over the counter, and 8.3% would prefer a bank transfer. Almost half of Ukrainians (44,6%) supports the introduction of health insurance.

First National TV channel offers to re-vote the contest between the Ukraine’s finalists of Eurovision. Re-evaluation may pass on March 3. There are three clear leaders identified in the national selection: they are Mika Newton, Zlata Ognevich and Jamala. However, there were many spectator’s complaints, who have doubted the results of the national final.

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