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Ukrainian crisis: December 25

The latest news from Ukraine.

Ukrainian crisis: December 25
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8:17. Journalist, member of the 'People's Union Maidan' Tatiana Chornovol was brutally beaten on the highway near Boryspil.

8:54. There is a record from Tatiana Chornovol's car digital video recorder, in which you can see the license plate of the men who attacked the journalist.

9:17. Brutally beaten journalist and Euromaidan activist Tatiana Chornovol believes the attack was connected with her public activity. On Tuesday she visited the residences of Attorney General Viktor Pshonka and of Interior Vitaliy Zaharchenko and she thinks this fact and her beating may be interrelated.

9:41. President Viktor Yanukovich demanded to take all measures to investigate the attack on journalist Tatiana Chornovol.

10:16. Police began investigation into the beating and stabbing of Euromaidan organizer Dmitry Pilipets in Kharkov.

10:28. Euromaidan activists are going to picket the Ministry of Internal Affairs after a knife attack on Maidan activist in Kharkov, and the beating of journalist Tatiana Chornovol on Tuesday evening.

10:36. Lawmaker from the opposition party 'Batkivshchyna' Sergei Pashinsky said journalist and Euromaidan activist Tatiana Chornovol is in intensive care now.

"She is in intensive care in a very serious condition. She has multiple fractures, concussion. According to doctors, she will need at least three operations, if everything goes optimistic", said Pashinsky.

10:42. Leader of the ruling Party of Regions faction Alexander Yefremov believes that problems arise in Ukraine because of the frequent revolutions.

10:48. Governor of Kharkov region Mikhail Dobkin says believes that the attack on Euromaidan activist Dmitry Pilipets and journalist Tatiana Chornovol were organized by the opposition.

10:54. Prime Minister Nykolai Azarov said Ukraine came out of the economic recession, defined as a decline in the economy for two consecutive quarters.

11:06. About 100 people picketing the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kyiv demand the resignation of Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko and an objective investigation into the beating of journalist Tatana Chornovil.

11:23. The list of all the people beaten in the regions of Ukraine and activists whose cars were burned or damaged because of Euromaidan events was published on Wednesday, December 25.

On the 22 of November Sergei Mokrenyuka, organizer of the protest in Feodosia was attacked . In a few days, on November 27, his car was damaged in Simferopol.

On the 5th of November a group of unidentified men attacked a tent camp of supporters of European integration in the centre of Dnepropetrovsk. Co-organizer of the protest Sergei Romanenko and 6 protesters were injured.

On the 29 of November Maxim Kitsyuk, co-organizer of Euromaidan in Ivano-Frankivsk was severely beaten by unidentified men. He received a head injury and multiple feet injuries.

On the 30 of November opposition activist Vladimir Khanaswas beaten in Ternopil.

On the 22 of December chairman of the local branch of the 'Democratic Alliance' Dmitry Tkachuk was attacked in the doorway of his own house in Zhitomir.

On November 23 and 28 editor of "20 Minutes" Vlad Puchich was beaten by unidentified men in Zhitomir. On December 15 some men attacked chairman of the local branch of the opposition party "Svoboda" Viktor Brokarev. Since the beginning of the protests seven cars belonging to local opposition activists have been damaged by unknown assailants.

On Tuesday evening there was a knife attack on Maidan activist in Kharkov, and beating of journalist Tatiana Chornovol.

Also a number of activists' cars were burnt down in Kyiv, Lugansk, Uzhgorod, Simferopol and Kharkov.

11:37. Traffic police won't let cars with firewood pass to Maidan in Kyiv due to lack of the consent from Kyiv City State Administration.

11:40. DVR recording from Tatiana Chornovol's car has been transferred to the Prosecutor General.

11:40. Prime Minister Nykolai Azarov said the protest on Independence Square in Kyiv 'prevents society from living a normal life'.

11:51. Nykolai Azarov said that Kyiv's state employees as well as state employees in some western regions of Ukraine won't receive their salaries for November and December because of Euromaidan.

11:57. The Security Service of Ukraine confirms the ban on entry to Ukraine for a number of foreigners 'in the interests of national security of Ukraine'.

12:10. Today at 5.00 pm Lviv journalists will gather at the local Euromaidan to support journalist and activist Tatyana Chornovol and protest against the beating of journalists, activists and peaceful protesters.

12:13. Deputy from the ruling Party of Regions, the first deputy head of the parliamentary committee on freedom of expression and information Olena Bondarenko believes that the opposition is responsible for the beating of journalist Tatiana Chornovol.

12:31. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is considering several versions of the attack on Tatiana Chornovol, one of which is a provocation.

12:49. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius urged to stop intimidation and violence against Euromaidan activists.

12:50. Euromaidan activists blocked traffic at the Interior Ministry.

13:06. One of the seven co-chairs of 'All-Ukrainian Union 'Maidan' Yuriy Lutsenko said that he is against such a superstructure in the leadership of the organization.

13:52. The number of supporters of the European integration of Ukraine has increased after President Viktor Yanukovich refused to sign the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

49.1% of Ukrainians would vote in a referendum for Ukraine's accession to the European Union according to the results of a survey conducted from 7 to 17 December by the Centre for Social and Marketing Research "SOCIS" and Sociological Group "Rating".

14:11. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is concerned with attacks on journalists in Ukraine and measures taken to ensure their safety.

14:24. This morning there was a fire in in the room where the office of the Party of Regions is located in Terebovlya, Ternopil region.

14:34. Journalist Tatiana Chornovol's condition after being beaten by unidentified men is stable and of moderate severity.

14:35. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine expects to get a digital video recorder from Tatiana Chornovol's car to determine whether there was any outside interference in its work.

14:53. Prime Minister Nykolai Azarov says Ukraine doesn't insist on a revision of the Association Agreement with the EU, but wants to minimize the risks.

15:25. After watching the DVR recording from Tatiana Chornovol's car members of the opposition have learned brand of the car and license plates of her attackers. It was Porshe Cayenne.

15:32. Health Minister Raisa Bogatyreva says takes personal control over treatment of Tatiana Chornovol who was brutally beaten by unidentified men.

15:32. Yulia Tymoshenko, the former prime minister who is serving a seven-year prison term for alleged abuse of power, urged Euromaidan protesters start picketing the residence of President Viktor Yanukovich 'Mezhyhiria' tonight.

16:30. The Central Investigation Department of the Ministry of the Interior established the identity of the men who may have been involved in the attack on Tatiana Chornovol.

16:40. Investigators arrested one of the men who beat Tatiana Chornovol. According to their statement there are three men involved in her beating.

17:14. The DVR recording from Tatiana Chornovol's car who was beaten on the night of December 25 at Boryspil route near Kiev was published on the Internet.

DVR recording from Tatiana Chornovol's car

17:25. Rivne Regional Administrative Court on December 24 banned to hold protests outside the buildings of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

17:28. The first photos and stories from the people supporting Euromaidan, but who for various reasons cannot attend Kyiv's Independence Square, were added to the project 'Virtual Maidan'.

17:35. The Council of 'All-Ukrainian Union 'Maidan' decided to hold National veche 'Solidarity Against Terror' on Sunday, December 29 at Kyiv's Independence Square.

17:49. Case of beating of Tatiana Chornovol is under the personal control of Ombudsman Valerie Lutkovska.

18:07. The United States call on the Ukrainian authorities to bring asap to justice men responsible for beating Tatiana Chornovol.

19:07. Lawmaker Nykolai Levchenko from the ruling Party of Regions has registered a draft law 'On the prevention of negative consequences and prevention of prosecution of law enforcement officers and officials, as well as all participants of the events that took place during the peaceful assembly'.

19:58. Police is looking for the resident of Kyiv Sergei Kotenko Aleksandrovich ( born 1984) on suspicion of assaulting Tatiana Chornovol.

20:15. Governor of Kharkov region Mikhail Dobkin blames the opposition party "Svoboda" of beating and stabbing of Euromaidan organizer Dmitry Pilipets in Kharkov.

21:06. International human rights organization Amnesty International calls on the Ukrainian authorities asap find and punish the attackers of Tatiana Chornovol.

21:49. The EU hopes for a comprehensive investigation into Tatiana Chornovol´s beating.

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