Ukrainian Arithmetic: Democracy Does Not Divide by Zero

Dear European friends!

You who read about us on pages of your fair printed matters. You who watch us in your unbiased news. Today, we need your help. We means Ukrainians.


Every nation takes its own way to freedom. For each nation, this way is somehow difficult. Ours took centuries to get where we are now. We paid generously to reach our goal. Starting with Zaporizhzhya Sich destroyed by the Russian Empress Catherine the Great to 1932-33 Holodomor when over 3 mln people died of starvation.

Going through the WW II when every 5th Ukrainian citizen died and 70 years of the Soviet Union when this country lost all its chances for freedom and independence. Then 19 years of pseudo independent existence became another trial for us when power of former Communist party leaders was overtaken by the criminals. This authority succeeded in what other authorities failed: in 4 year of their rule they brought the country on the verge of a civil war.

We have offered you a chance to see unique pictures showing thousands of happy people in our news photo reports. We have shown you how 500.000 people can join together for peace mass demonstration at one place. To rally again and again with the only goal to show the entire world that we are against criminal values. We stand for European values. We have been patient and rallied for two months. In Kiev, Lviv, and Kharkiv – all over Ukraine. Our authorities paid us back with slaughter and blood. And with the criminals who are ordered by security forces to take their actions in any town pr city.

We stood when they beat the students. We protested peacefully. We demanded justice. We stood when they beat old people and men. We protested peacefully. We still demanded justice. We stood when they started chasing journalists and activists to beat them within inch of their lives. We protested peacefully. And demanded justice. But we could not keep on standing when we have been outlawed doing it! When the authorities passed the laws forbidding us to be free people in our own country, we just could not stand without acting! As any of us can be put in jail now. For 15 yeas in jail. A protest meeting is compared with a murder by this authority!

Dear European friends!

We ask for understanding! The time for condemnations and resolutions from your authorities has passed. You have hardly ever faced cynicism of this kind in Europe. As never have we before seen such lack of principles and honour. Help us not to get on the way to our freedom, which tomorrow might be called by historians a bloody period in the history of European democracy.

Do not let Europe see other Ukraine – Ukraine of Middle Age heroes who rated the way to freedom higher then the blood of the enemies they could meet on this road. Ukrainian authorities are a complex symbiosis of the criminals and security forces. Numerous investigations by the most professional investigating journalists have shown branchy business structures of the President Yanukovych’s family, Internal Minister Vitalii Zakharchenko, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Andrei Klyuev, and dozens of other Ukrainian deputies - members of the ruling party, ministers of Ukrainian government and other state officials. We know the facts that can be presented to you by the Ukrainian journalists at your first demand.

The only thing that scares Ukrainian authorities is possible change in their personal well-being. They are concerned that their businesses in Europe might be in danger because of anticorruption investigations. They are afraid that their multimillion accounts can be blocked in European banks. They fear that they will be refused the entrance to Europe where their children study and their wives and mistresses live. Every third Ukrainian citizen knows about it. But we can not apply this knowledge otherwise then by fighting. Fighting for our freedom against titushky, thousands of which are brought to the streets by the authorities. Fighting against brutal antiriot police who shower people at -7oC using hydraulic jets and shoot them with rubber bullets targeting eyes of the protesters and faces of the journalists.


It is hardly possible that you remain quietly sitted at your computers and in front of your TVs watching our tragedy! It is not your money that we need now. It is not your resources that we need now. The thing that we really need is that those who have been steeling our money for years, those who got rich with millions and millions of dollars while their friends, relatives and themselves were in power, had no opportunity to enjoy this stolen wealth in your countries under your national laws!

We ask you to impose sanctions against those Ukrainian corrupted state officers, businessmen, and tycoons who support the criminal authorities.

We address the Germans, the Polish, the French, the Swiss, the English, the Scots, the Czechs, the Italians, the Belgians, the Norwegians, the Swedes, the Hungarians, the Spaniards, the Greeks, the Danes, the Finns, the Austrians, the Portuguese, the Slovakians, the Slovenes, the Dutch, the Irish – everyone who we know positively due to everything we hear about you.

We do not ask for more.

Please forward this article to those politicians who you might know.

Please forward it to your fellow citizens as quickly as you can.

Here, in Ukraine, as never before we need to see you as a united European family capable of acting in the face of a threat to its values. As somebody in Ukraine attempts to reduce these European values to zero. We would like to teach this criminal authority a lesson they have evidently never had before.

Democracy can not be divided by zero!

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